How to Make Use of a Marketing Plan For An Online Business

The one thing that will separate you from the 90% of other network marketers is the discipline of following a weekly marketing plan for online business. Once you have a plan in place, there is nowhere to go – but up.

This plan is just a list of task that you follow on a daily basis. It may seem tedious at first, however, once you get the hang of it, you can quickly complete your daily tasks. Now you will have more time to work on other aspects of your business.

Developing a systematic method of conducting your business will help you stay focused. You can, also, draw upon your plan to measure your success.

J.O.B. Provides Plan

In a J.O.B., you are given a plan (list of tasks) by your supervisor. This plan has been tested time and time again. I am sure it had to go through several changes before ensuring that the tasks can be duplicated.

Your J.O.B. is to perform these same tasks on a daily basis. Any successful business rely on a marketing plan.

Your business is no different. You must rely on a working plan in order to map your way to success.

Your Business and Marketing Plan

This is your business and you must start to think of how to develop a realistic plan. With all the information and ways to market on the internet, I understand putting a marketing plan together can be overwhelming.

Just remember that your plan does not have to be perfect the first time around. That is why it is called a PLAN, an on going thought process.

Start out slow, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Begin with just one marketing method until you become a master of that method. I suggest you start with Social Media. To help you get going on your marketing plan, I designed a Weekly marketing Plan form. (A copy can be downloaded from the site referenced in the resource box.)

As you develop your skills, you can expand your marketing plan.

How to Utilize A Marketing Plan for Online Business

An example on how to utilize this plan. On the form provided:

1. Decide how many times you want to perform a particular task.

2. Place this number under Goal.

3. End of the week, add up how many times you completed that particular task.

4. Place this number under Achieved.

5. Subtract the two numbers to get your Net.

For example, if you have a goal of 5 and achieve of 4, in this example, you did not meet your goal. However, do not get discouraged. You always have time to correct your actions.

Now, let us take a look at the next week’s plan. Go ahead and reset your goals and try again. After subtracting Goal from Achieved, let’s say you worked hard and produced a Net of +2. This time you exceeded your goal for that week. GOOD FOR YOU!

Your Measure of Success

Save copies of each your weekly plans. Occasionally, take them out and compare.

Keep persistent in your daily activities and you will see improvement – Revealing your Measure of Success. You do not need to earn a lot of money in order to say that you are succeeding.

Start making out your marketing plan today. The sooner you start disciplining your actions, the quicker you will see the results you seek.