The Critical Elements of a Marketing Plan

A marketing plan is a critical element for communicating and discussing the expectations and responsibilities of all the key decision makers of a company. This is especially true for someone who is head of marketing or responsible for the firm’s marketing strategy. The plan should be written down so that everyone is able to look at and examine it. This is a key area of communicating how the marketing plan will affect the company in terms of its growth and focus on selling the product.

The elements of a plan will vary but should have some critical elements. More than anything the plan should answer the simple questions such as: What? Who? When? and Where? This might seem too simplistic, but when crafting your marketing plan, these are the main questions that should be consider that are the critical elements to be included in it. For example, a marketing plan for a airline company should list the products to be sold, who will be responsible for areas of the marketing strategy, and what type of people should the marketing strategy focus on.

When you get started, keep in mind that a plan is produced on a yearly basis. It will appear different in regards to when it is produced, what it does contain, and the overall components of it. Regardless, of how different it looks, the critical elements should not be overlooked. These critical elements include the an overview of the current situation and what are the expectations of the future, the market and what issues can affect the product, and the strategy that the company is currently following or hoping to adopt in the future. So regardless of how a company breaks these down or outlines these elements, they should be included in the plan.

The Overview

First of all, the overview. The person in charge of marketing should spend some time writing as much as possible about the current company and product overview. It can discuss what the issues for the coming year might be and what challenges the company faced previously while trying to get or hold onto its share of the market. This is a critical area, because it gives the general information, but it is also a summary of what the rest of the market plan is going to discuss. A manager should be able to read this area and get the complete gist of the market plan without any problems.

The Current Market and Promotion Strategy

These two topics are critical to the marketing plan. The analysis written here can show how the market has been in the past and what is expected in the future. The head of marketing should spend a considerable amount of time discussing the competitors and how they affected and will affect sales. However, the largest emphasis should be what the company is hoping to do to promote the product that it currently has. This should mean discussing detail the packaging, branding, and shipping of the product. This is key to have a worthwhile marketing plan.